The Second Universal Peace Conference

 The following link is the recording of our Annual Conference held in September at Claremont Graduate University.

Friday, September 15
From 4:00pm to 5:30pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Onsite: Burkle Building Room 16, Claremont Graduate University,
1021 N. Dartmouth Ave. Claremont, CA, United States
Online: ZOOM (Details to be announced later to those who have registered)

Free (Donations to CGU is always welcome)

Presentation, panel discussion/dialogue, and interactive discussion with the audience.

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Universal Peace Connection 

Daisy is the symbol of our Conference this year. Why?
Daisies are often seen around the world as a symbol of peace. Through the activities and messages of The Universal Peace Connection, we hope to plant as many seeds of peace as possible in people’s hearts and see the flowers of peace bloom in the world. We posted this picture of the daisy to express our hope. 


Opening Remarks:
David Sprott, Henry Y. Hwang Dean, Drucker School of Management, Professor of Marketing

Short presentations: Panel Speakers

Panel discussion and Q&A: Panel Speakers and All Participants
(See below for information on panelists.)
Panel A : Issues and what needs to be addressed
Alexander Negrov
Yasushi Isaka
Mel Boynton
Tom Tait

Panel B: Peace Education in Practice
Kristine Kawamura
Miki Takeuchi
Margaret Russell
Michelle Yamamoto

Panel Speakers

Panel Speakers & Moderators

Alexander Negrov: Founder and CEO of Hodos Institute, Acting Director of the Ukrainian Leadership Center

Mel Boynton: Past President, Southern California United Nations Association

Yasushi Isaka: Professor of Drucker Management Disciplines, Institute of Technologists;
Co-chair of the Drucker Workshop, Japan

Kristine Kawamura: Clinical Professor of Management, Drucker School of Management

Margaret Russell: Teacher, mentor, and workshop leader on educating young children in the language and actions of peace

Tom Tait: Former Mayor of the City of Anaheim

Miki Takeuchi: Associate Professor, Toyo University 

Michelle Yamamoto: Lecturer, Hosei University, Wako University, and Niigata Sangyo University;
TV Presenter, reporter: NHK WORLD-JAPAN (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Kunaal Kapoor: CGU Doctoral Student, Universal Peace Connection

Tomomasa Yagisawa: CGU Alumni Association Founding Board Member (Retired); 
Universal Peace Connection;Secretary General of the Drucker Workshop

Message from the Universal Peace Connection

Peace has not come to the people of Ukraine, and today, the international community seems to be heading in the opposite direction of the Functioning Society*, as defined by Professor Peter F. Drucker.  

Making society peaceful and functional is a prerequisite for all individuals to fulfill their lives to the fullest. In order to realize this, it is becoming increasingly essential to accept diversity, forgive one another, and connect with each other. 

 Why do wars happen? How can we prevent them? How can we stop those that are currently happening? How can we achieve and maintain a peaceful and functioning global society?

The second annual Universal Peace Conference will be held at Claremont Graduate University and will focus on education as the key to peace, functioning societies, and equitable prosperity. 

Education has a great impact on those who will create our future. From elementary school to graduate school, however, today’s educational programs about peace are not sufficient for the pressing needs of today’s world. 

Instead of waiting for someone else to start, it is important to start what we can start here, today.

At the second Universal Peace Conference, examples of pilot peace education programs in the United States and Japan will be presented. We shall also discuss the current situation in Ukraine and how we can effectively realize universal lasting peace. 

This event, which is open worldwide to the public, welcomes students, alumni, and faculty members from The Claremont Colleges. 

*In a functioning society, people have status as citizens, with freedom and responsibilities, and functions that give an element of personal control and dignity.

The Second Universal Peace Conference is planned and supported by the outstanding leadership, dedication, and commitment of the following Universal Peace Connection members: Jean Lipman-Blumen, Judith Maciariello, Margaret Russell, Mika Nakahara, Kunaal Kapoor, Michael Millar, Vi Nguyen, Daizo Imai, Junko Hosomi, Shunsuke Sena, Steve Kim, Taisuke Oshima, Kiriko Komura, Michelle Yamamoto, Hiroshi Nakamura, Kazuomi Ichikawa, Yumiko Harada, Masashi Mori, and Tomomasa Yagisawa

Universal Peace Connection would like to express appreciation for the support of the following individuals: CGU President Len Jessup, Drucker School Dean David Sprott, Executive Assistant to the Dean at the Drucker School Jodi James, Past Director of the International Place of Claremont Collages Vice President United Nations
Association/Pomona Valley Charlene Martin, and Drucker Net Impact: Vi Nguyen, Jessica Marin, Mounika Aavula, and Jonathan Jackson.